There is no “Short Cut” to become a better musician. However, correct way of playing the instrument gives tremendous benefits of avoiding injuries and carry on the legacy of our artistic heritage. Learning drums also helps develop positive personality, focused works ethic, understanding of body mechanism and disciplinary.    


  1. New Orleans Drumming that I have learned and played for four years in New Orleans
  2. Jazz Drumming: How to play with others; Time and Interaction
  3. Fundamental Hand and Feet Techniques that will prevent any injuries
  4. Reading skills
  5. Various Styles including Blues, Latin Jazz, Contemporary Christian, Funk, and Rock
  6. Soloing/Improvisation
  7. Applied Feldenkrais Technique for drumming


Jungho Has played with such masters in New Orleans and Boston: Todd Duke, Robert Glasper, Roland Guerin,Ray Santisi, Steve Torre, and Warren Batiste

Previous teacher include:  Troy Davis, Bob Gullotti, Jo Hunt, Jason Marsalis, Simon Lott, and Johnny Vidacovich.